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For example, in the phrases the slender boy, and many slender girls, the adjective slender does not change form to agree with either the number or gender of the noun. English is unusual among world languages in how many of its users are not native speakers but speakers of English as a second or foreign language. The variation among the accents and dialects of English used in different countries and regionsin terms of phonetics and phonology, and sometimes also vocabulary, grammar and spelling can often be accommodated by the speakers of different dialects. Modern English, sometimes described as the first global lingua franca, is also regarded as the first world language. B "Even Wales has been caught airbrushing his Wikipedia entryeighteen times in the past year.  Jimmy Wales on the Nupedia project New Scientist, January 31, 2007 33 In an October 2009 speech, Wales recollected attempting to write a Nupedia article on Nobel Prize-winning economist Robert. The consonants that may appear together in onsets or codas are restricted, as is the order in which they may appear. It put at his fingertips an abundant supply of knowledge complete with maps, illustrations, and a few cellophane layers of transparencies one could lift to explore such things as the muscles, arteries, and digestive system of a dissected frog. 25 Wikia is a wiki farm a collection of individual wikis on different subjects, all hosted on the same website. Wales revealed that Wikia, his for-profit Silicon Valley startup, was working on Search Wikia, which he touted as "the search engine that changes everything. There are exceptions to these generalisations, often the result of loanwords being spelled according to the spelling patterns of their languages of origin or proposals by pedantic scholars in the early period of Modern English to mistakenly follow the. References Oxford Learner's Dictionary 2015, Entry: English Pronunciation. Three circles of English-speaking countries Braj Kachru distinguishes countries where English is spoken with a three circles model. Retrieved August 18, 2011. "Ex takes her revenge on Mr Wikipedia". This has led some scholars to develop the study of English as an auxiliary language. Many varieties also use a near future constructed with the phrasal verb be going. ONE hundred tenth congress first session. In svensk amatörporr linni meister pornofilm English, adjectives come before the nouns they modify and after determiners. For example, in the question What did you see?, the word what appears as the first constituent despite being the grammatical object of the sentence. English was adopted in parts of North America, parts of Africa, Australasia, and many other regions. There is complex dialectal variation in words with the open front and open back vowels /æ /. 92 But English is not a divided language, despite a long-standing joke originally attributed to George Bernard Shaw that the United Kingdom and the United States are "two countries separated by a common language".

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